Over the next decades the nature of urban transportation is likely to undergo significant changes. To ensure these changes adequately deal with the profound challenges of equity, public health, and climate change, we must galvanize networks and knowledge into tangible action.  This Workshop intends to build on the substantial work of the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) and its partners working through its Future Urban Transport (FUT) program guided by its overarching vision of promoting fair access and sustainable transport in cities.

The Workshop intends to bring together key local, national and international leaders, advocates, and policymakers to connect with renowned researchers to dynamically share views, experiences, and cutting edge knowledge on approaches to urban transport in the 21st century. A guiding imperative will be to seek ways in which research can be transformed into actionable knowledge that improves the global state of urban transport, builds capacity in current and future transport professionals and impacts education about urban transport.  The Workshop will also facilitate new connections among transport professionals as a way to share expertise and ideas, and establish new networks and collaborations.  Invited participants will contribute to cross cutting discussions around three thematic areas: sustainable urban freight for livable cities; affordable personal transport, informal and formal; and institutional innovation in urban transport. A specific question to be considered is how can we set up knowledge-based pilot projects and productive partnerships with local government, NGOs and CBOs, institutions, and urban professionals? How can research be linked to real-world processes and well-designed outcomes to support the transformation of urban transport?

This 2014 VREF Workshop is co-sponsored by the Ford Foundation , TransitCenter , the American Assembly , the Regional Plan Association , the Rockefeller Foundation , and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and is organized by the VREF-funded Center for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University.

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